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Our Kids Ving Tsun Kung Fu program is designed to give children the opportunity to train in a martial art that will help them develop discipline, focus and self-confidence. Our classes are structured to be fun and challenging, while teaching kids how to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a traditional martial art that has been passed down through the generations. Our school is not a commercial kung fu school; we pride ourselves in teaching and spreading the art of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.

Our children's program offers a fun and safe environment for kids to learn and train martial arts. Our instructors are experienced in working with children and provide positive reinforcement while teaching discipline, focus, and respect. In our other locations, we allow kids to train with adults; however, in our Port Saint Lucie location, we offer separate kids only classes.



If you are looking for an activity to keep your child active, learning martial arts is a great option. Ving tsun kung fu is a popular martial art that can be learned by children as young as 7 years old. Classes are typically one hour long and focus on teaching students how to defend themselves while improving their physical fitness. The system is renowned for its practicality, efficiency and simplicity. It is perfect for both self-defense and health improvement.


Our children are our future. We should do everything we can to help them grow into happy and successful adults. One way to do this is to sign them up for Ving Tsun Kung Fu classes. This will not only teach them how to defend themselves, but also give them the discipline and focus they need to succeed in life.



A gift they will appreciate from you that will last a lifetime.



Ving Tsun Kung Fu is one of the most popular and effective martial arts in the world. It is known for its quick, powerful strikes that can disable an opponent in seconds. But what many people don’t know is that Ving Tsun Kung Fu is not just a self-defense system – it is a way of life. Once you learn Ving Tsun Kung Fu, the skills you acquire will be with you for life. You will have the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation. But more importantly, you will have the discipline and focus to achieve anything


There are many benefits that children can gain from attending Ving Tsun Kung Fu classes. The classes can help improve a child's discipline, focus, confidence, and self-defense skills. In addition, the classes can also provide a child with an enjoyable way to get exercise and socialize with other children.


There are many reasons why parents might choose to send their children to a Ving Tsun school. Some of the benefits that have been seen include: improved focus and concentration, increased discipline and self-control, better physical health and fitness, and reduced stress and anxiety. Ving Tsun can help children in so many ways, it's no wonder it has become such a popular martial art for children. By learning how to defend themselves and mastering techniques that improve their physical fitness, children can feel more confident in themselves and better equipped to handle whatever life throws at them.


health &fitness

Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a martial art that has been proven to improve the health and fitness of kids. In fact, many parents are enrolling their children in Ving Tsun Kung Fu classes because they know the benefits it can provide. Some of the health and fitness benefits that come with practicing Ving Tsun Kung Fu include increased strength, better endurance, improved balance and coordination, and enhanced flexibility. Additionally, kids who practice Ving Tsun Kung Fu have better focus and concentration, which can benefit them in other areas of life as well.

respect & discipline

Ving Tsun Kung Fu classes for kids can help to teach respect and discipline. In a world where children are constantly bombarded with images and messages that glorify violence, it is more important than ever to teach children the importance of respect. Discipline is also key in helping children to stay on track and achieve their goals. Ving Tsun Kung Fu can provide children with the discipline they need to succeed in life.

stop bullying

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in a Ving Tsun Kung Fu class. One of the most important is that it can help to stop bullying. Ving Tsun is a martial art that is based on the use of leverage and physics, rather than strength and size. This makes it ideal for smaller individuals who may be targets for bullies. In addition to teaching your child how to defend themselves, Ving Tsun Kung Fu can also help them to develop self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. These are two of the most important things for children who are being bullied.

self esteem

There are many reasons why kids should take Ving Tsun Kung Fu classes. Not only is it a great way to get in shape and learn self-defense, but it can also help build self-esteem. When kids learn how to defend themselves, they feel more confident in themselves. They know that they have the ability to protect themselves if necessary, which gives them a sense of power and control. Additionally, martial arts can help kids develop discipline and focus. These are important skills that will help them in all aspects of their lives.

build character

Ving Tsun Kung Fu classes for kids can help build character in a number of ways. For one, the discipline and focus required to learn and practice Ving Tsun Kung Fu can help kids stay on track with their schoolwork and develop better time management skills. Secondly, the physical activity involved in martial arts class helps kids stay healthy and builds self-confidence. Finally, through learning a martial art like Ving Tsun, kids can develop qualities like respect, discipline, and self-control.


The martial art of Ving Tsun can guide children to excellence in many different areas of life. The discipline and focus that is learned through training in this martial art can help children in their academic studies, as well as in their social interactions. At our school, we place a strong emphasis on the character development of our students. We believe that it is essential for children to learn how to control their emotions and behave responsibly both on and off the mats. Our classes are tailored to help each child reach his or her full potential.



Image by Sei

Anna Marie, Student

Sifu James is one of the most humble people I have ever met! He truly cares for all of his students and wants to see everybody progress. My Kung Fu brothers and sisters have been very warm and welcoming. It has been a tremendously rewarding experience so far and I absolutely love the fact that I'm learning Kung Fu side-by-side with both my husband and daughter!

MarcAntonio, Student

We lived in Asia for over 7 years and came to know and appreciate Marshal Arts in it's different forms.

Some local excellent schools taught some forms of Kung Fu such as Wushu with rigour , discipline and focus not only on the technical defense aspects but the spiritual aspect and how to maintain balance in one's 'life so I enrolled my two kids .

Once returning to the US and Jupiter , Florida , we looked for a school that displays the highest quality in its teaching and authenticity. There is a lot of nonsense out there and our experience in Asia taught us where and what to look for. We are very fortunate to discover the Jupiter Wing Chun Kung Fu and its amazing Sifu James Hindman. He is not only a great master and teacher but also a wonderful human being who genuinely cares about the students and educating them the true form of Wing Chun, simply because he himself learnt it from grand masters who where the disciples of IP Man himself ! :)
So you choose better than this . My self and my three kids joint the school over 19 months ago and it is one of the best decisions I made for my family lately. Not only we are learning real Kung Fu in the form of Wing Chun but also the school have an amazing brotherly and sisterly atmosphere . Our big brothers who are more advanced than me and my kids by years of experience also play an integral part in our training. Great guys , modest and brilliant and all either trained by my Sifu or they are brothers to him ( i.e trained with my Sifu' Sifu ) and from each older brother you learn something new and different . In a knot shell if you are really serious about Kung Fu and learning the true art of Wing Chun , there is only one place in Jupiter that can offer you this and you cannot choose better than its Sifu.

All our schools adhere to the highest quality of training and discipline that our Sifu expects from us.
Our Sifu strives hard to accommodates each one of us, the students, for our different circumstances and does his best to insure we are training despite the very harsh circumstances of covid19 that we are all living.



Tel. 772-932-8282


6959 Hancock Drive

Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34952

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