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2024 MYH 20-A Kung Fu Family Chinese New Year Dinner & Award Ceremony


2024 Moy Yee Hop 20-A Kung Fu Family

Chinese New Year 2024 " Year of the Dragon "

Award Ceremony &

Sifu James Birthday Celebration

Chinese New Year is not only a time for celebration and family gatherings, but also an opportunity for our Kung Fu family to come together and honor our traditions.

Recently, we held a formal dinner to mark the arrival of the 2024 Year of the Dragon and to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Sifu.

Tommy Rozycki, a senior student of our Kung Fu family, hosted the event and made sure everything was organized and running smoothly. He communicated the itinerary for the evening and made sure everyone was comfortable.


James Keller delivered a compelling discourse on the significance of observing a Sifu's birthday celebration amongst Kung Fu practitioners. His enlightening presentation delved into vital aspects of Kung fu etiquette and time-honored traditions that had been meticulously passed down through generations. The informative speech was highly appreciated by all present attendees, culminating in an enthusiastic round of applause.

Albert Lund delivered a well-versed discourse on the significance of observing Chinese New Year and its relevance to our Kung Fu community.

In his address, he explored the profound symbolism of 'The Year of The Dragon' while providing an enriched historical context and detailed insights surrounding this auspicious holiday.

The dining experience at the Golden Pavilion Restaurant was highly enjoyed by the students, who were thoroughly impressed by its extensive array of delightful Chinese cuisine. Featuring well-renowned dishes such as lobster alongside other popular favorites, the restaurant aptly met everyone's dinner expectations.

The dinner included multiple vegetarian and vegan options that furthered this satisfaction, catering to our substantial demographic of vegetarian and vegan students with resounding success.

Towards the conclusion of the dinner, our first ever Lion Dance performance was brilliantly executed by dedicated students Padma, Eiman, Devon, Kosta and Albert.

The culmination of their diligent practice and commitment translated into an exemplary performance that was greatly appreciated by all those present at the event.

After the Lion Dance performance, Sifu James, assisted by his  Kung Fu brothers and devoted students who aid him in instructing classes,  conducted a noteworthy awards ceremony 

Our Kung Fu family likes to recognize students and instructors who really go out of their way to make our classes great. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the ceaseless dedication displayed by both our students and instructors. Their daily commitment not only fosters growth within themselves but also contributes significantly towards bolstering the bond of camaraderie so distinctively prevalent within our Kung Fu family. 

During the Award Ceremony, two distinguished awards were presented: 

The Leadership Award was purposed to acknowledge those instructors who consistently exhibit extraordinary effort in sharing their knowledge of Ving Tsun within our classes and workshops. Their endeavours are instrumental in spreading and sharing the unique and beautiful art of Ving Tsun Kung Fu for future generations to enjoy. 

In addition, an Above and Beyond award was conferred on those student whom instructors perceived as particular standouts for their exceptional training and efforts during their classes. These diligent trainees have established an infectious culture of positivity that undeniably enhances the overall classroom experience.

In summary, our Chinese New Year Dinner and Award Ceremony was a resounding success, and we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to its success. The event was a perfect blend of tradition, celebration, and recognition, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to organize such a memorable evening.

We would like to invite you to continue supporting our organization by liking and following our social media pages, booking a complimentary visit to our facilities, and contacting us for any further inquiries. Thank you once again for your support, and we look forward to connecting with you in the future.

We want to thank all of Sifu's brothers that attended our event.

Sifu Matt Redford - Palm Beach Wing Chun

Sifu Mark Nathan - Wellington Wing Chun

Sifu Troy Varnado - Palm Beach Wing Chun

Sifu Evan Flores - Palm Beach Wing Chun

Assist. Instructor Torch - MYH Fort Lauderdale




Ali ( not in the photo)

Special thanks to Luca for providing the Cake

Thanks to Elijah and Laura for the photography

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