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Congratulations to Evan Flores


We want to offer our sincere congratulations to Sifu Evan Flores for achieving his black shirt within the Moy Yee Hop Ving Tsun Kung Fu family. Evan has consistently shown exceptional dedication and skill as a student, earning him this prestigious achievement. Additionally, he has been a good Kung Fu brother to our Sifu, James Hindman.

Evan, alongside Sifu Troy, Sifu Mark, and Sifu Matt, have done an exemplary job teaching classes at Palm Beach Wing Chun and ensuring that students receive top-notch training in the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system. Evan, Troy, Mark, and Matt set a good example by always bringing good energy to the Mo-gwoon and stay drama free.

Being part of such an incredible Kung Fu family is truly special, witnessing the hard work and dedication of loyal, just, and righteous students and fellow Kung Fu brothers and sisters being recognized and rewarded.

It's important to note that many aspire to be great instructors, seeking the benefits and glory it brings for themselves. However, only a few are willing to invest the necessary time and effort along with the proper etiquette, respect, integrity, and loyalty for their Sifu and kung fu family required to achieve such expertise.

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