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Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop's Birthday Celebration in 2023: A Memorable Event

Updated: May 24, 2023

It was a joyous occasion this week when our Kung Fu family gathered together to celebrate the birthday of their Si-gung Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop. All of us—students and instructors from all across South Florida—met up at Cana restaurant in Lake Worth, FL for a night of great food, laughter, and conversation. It's moments like these that make us feel proud to be part of this amazing Kung Fu family.

Si-gung has shared the art of Ving Tsun Kung Fu with our Kung Fu family for so long. He always made sure we had a place to practice and always been available when students need guidance. He is truly devoted to teaching, and we'd like to thank him by celebrating his commitment and dedication. During the event, we expressed our appreciation for all of Si-gung's hard work!

At the dinner, we experienced something special: Kung Fu students performing the lion dance. It's been tradition to do this every year for Si-gungs birthday celebration! We're fortunate to have the privilege of witnessing such a beautiful display, and it brings us lots of joy.

We all had a fantastic time at the event that our Kung Fu uncle Si-suk Evan so thoughtfully organized! He chose the perfect spot and the food was delicious. Everyone was in high spirits, thanks to Si-suk's hard work. It's clear that he put a lot of effort into organizing this memorable event!

It was an absolutely wonderful evening that won't be forgotten anytime soon. We'd like to extend our sincerest appreciation to everyone who put in the time and energy to make it a success. Thank you so much for your support and hard work! Let's look forward to many more enjoyable gatherings like this in the future!

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