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Our Kung Fu trip to Dominican Republic: An Unforgettable Experience

Students from Moy Yee Ving Tsun Kung fu traveling to the Dominican Republic to visit and learn from their Si-gung, Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop.
Kung Fu trip to the Dominican Republic

In May 2023, members of the Fort Lauderdale and Port Saint Lucie branches of the Moy Yee Hop Kung Fu family made a journey with their teacher Sifu James and assistant instructor Si-suk Torch to the Dominican Republic. Their primary mission was to meet their Si-gung, Julian Cordero ( Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop ), and obtain further knowledge about the Ving Tsun Kung fu system. In addition, they were eager to connect with their fellow kung fu students abroad.

Kung fu students enjoying the beautiful views of Las Terrenas while traveling to spend time with their Si-gung, Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop.
Kung fu students enjoying the beautiful views of Las Terrenas while traveling to spend time with their Si-gung, Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop.

Upon arriving at their destination, the students were warmly greeted by Si-gung who offered them his assistance. In turn, this exceptional experience provided invaluable insight into Kung Fu life and the Ving Tsun Kung fu system which enabled personal growth for all involved. A remarkable visit filled with unforgettable moments that will stay with these students forever.

enjoying the find cuisine at the Mosquito restaraunt in Las Terrrenas, Dominican Republic

The students had an incredible experience in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. From the stunning beaches and local attractions to the rich culture and mouth-watering cuisine, every minute was filled with memorable moments. The hospitality they received from Si-gung and the warmth of the locals created a strong bond between all participants.

During their stay in the Dominican Republic, the students had the opportunity to hone their martial arts skills in Ving Tsun Kung Fu at the local Mo-gwoon and learn directly from Grandmaster Moy Yee Hop. The Grandmaster has been taught by Patriarch Moy Yat himself and was grateful to share his knowledge with his students. From him, they learned not only about the basics of Kung Fu as well as the history and importance of good kung fu etiquette, but also about the value of respect and teamwork needed for a successful training session. With these lessons, the students went back home with a newfound appreciation for this martial art.

The Kung Fu students in the Dominican Republic completed their experience with a visit to El Limon waterfall. Venturing through a lush jungle path, they finally arrived at the majestic tall waterfall surrounded by dense vegetation and a bright blue sky.

The group decided to partake in an exciting activity together-jumping into one of the rock pools behind the waterfall. Submerged in the pool, they experienced a feeling of total freedom and relaxation.

The thundering waterfall was not only symbolic for the skills, strength, and agility acquired from Kung Fu training; it was also an incredible way to end this extraordinary experience. The students left with a newfound appreciation and respect for Kung Fu as well as for Dominican Republic itself.

The Kung Fu journey to the Dominican Republic was an incredible experience for the students. They not only learned the art of Kung Fu, but they also immersed themselves in a vibrant culture and connected with some amazing people. From strolling through Las Terrenas and Playa Bonitas beachfronts to visiting El Limon waterfall on horseback and exploring coffee and cacao plantations, there were plenty of opportunities to experience all that the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Beyond these activities, however, something truly special happened during the trip: unbreakable bonds formed between everyone who went, creating unforgettable memories that will last forever. As they returned home filled with joy and gratitude for their adventure, each student shared a newfound appreciation for this unique part of the world.

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